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America's Amateur
Novice Championship
Events Tour

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The AANCE Tour consists of numerous qualifying events throughout the year, with finals at Meet Me in St. Louis Swing Dance Championships every September.


AANCE is a circuit, devoted to the Novice and Intermediate Level dancers, promoting the art of West Coast Swing Dancing and its many regional styles. Each participating event offers their support to all Novice and Intermediate level dancers, by offering a gateway, an arena, into the world of competition dancing.This is an amateur dancers' dream. Here is your opportunity to improve on your dance, your competition skills and an avenue to dance with dancers from around the world.

At the conclusion of all participating AANCE events, and this is no later than September 20th of any given year, the finalists from each of these events come together at Meet Me in St Louis Swing Dance Championships in late September. Here they will go head to head in a final championship round to ultimately be recognized and awarded as THE Novice J&J Champion (Lead & Follow) , Novice Strictly Swing Champion Couple, Intermediate Jack & Jill Champion (Lead & Follow), and Intermediate Strictly Swing Champion couple.

Qualifying Divisions

Novice Jack & Jill

Novice Strictly Swing

Intermediate Jack & Jill

Intermediate Strictly Swing

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